where the mel guy
reigns supreme

About Me


Hello! My name is Mealaud Mokhtarzad but I usually go by Mel. I’m an incoming pure mathematics graduate student at UNC Chapel Hill! My interests include and are usually limited to: math, rock skipping, clouds, and writing. If you need to contact me, mealaud at unc dot edu is usually a good way to reach me.

Cool People

  • Hunter Liu – Hunter is a lovely, epic friend I met in our graduate complex analysis class. He was wearing cat ears when we first met which weirded me out a bit, but we ended up talking a lot and I figured out he’s one of the coolest people I’ve ever met.

  • Kelanu Ranganath – Kelanu is so cool! We met at our physics lab internship during the summer of 2021 and we’ve been great friends since then. I love this guy a lot.

  • Kyle Chui – I met the back of Kyle’s head during the summer going into my high school senior year when we took multivariable together at a local community college. We ended up taking another course together the coming fall where I met the front of his head and found out he was a cool guy. He’s still really cool. He’s also rich and famous, so that’s a plus. Check out his Neovim plugin!

  • Logan Hyslop - Logan is mega cool and mega cracked. We met his freshman year (my sorta junior year). He actually does math (good stuff at that). B)

  • Andrea Bourque - Andrea is a big ol’ math nerd and is very cool, but never talk to them after they’ve had mac’n’cheese. shudders

  • Liz - I met Liz first as Hunter’s girlfriend, but Liz eventually became a part of my world too. She is wonderful, kind, and a former League of Legends addict…