where the mel guy
reigns supreme


How does one live? How must I live? I am not certain of this. There are no unshakeable axioms in my life but there are some suppositions which allow me to live a life I find enjoyable. This is to say: what I describe may not be for everyone, but it is for me.

Axiom #1

  1. It will be okay.

I don’t know what okay will mean in say a year, or even a week from now, but I know that I will know on that day itself. I can’t predict a priori what my life will be like, but I may live it and decide in any moment of introspection. Regardless of what this definition may be, I know that I can endure. I know that I can persevere. I know I can. I can.

Axiom #2

  1. I am my world’s Atlas.

I must lift the weight of my world. My hands may falter, my knees may buckle, but I cannot yield—I must not yield. This is not to say that I must suffer, or succeed, alone. This is to point out that I am the crux of every action in my life. I aim the executer of thoughts. I am the executer of my actions. I am the principle bearer of the burden of my life—in all its successes and failures.

Axiom #3

  1. There is no freedom without restraint.

Given infinite choices, it is a priori impossible to decide what to do. If I am able to do anything, I will do nothing. Realizing this for myself, I saw that if I am act in any sense, I must constrain myself. I must limit choice my choices to make choices.

Axiom #4

  1. I must find my own life meaningful.

I say something is meaningful if it is something that requires determination, persistence, creativity, or anything I feel even a slight pride in.

Axiom #5

  1. I must act with purpose.

A life cannot be meaningful if never lived with intent and purpose. However, I further choose to live every moment with intent and purpose. Relaxing is fine – with purpose. Working is fine – with purpose. Living is fine – with purpose. There is no less that I may do.